domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

International Poetry festival "La Retaguardia" / Festival internacional de poesía "La Retaguardia"

  • Casagrande 
  • Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos David Rockefeller de la Universidad de Harvard (DRCLAS)
  • Escuela de Literatura Creativa de la Universidad Diego Portales 
con la colaboración de: Museo de Artes Visuales(MAVI) y de Balmaceda Arte Joven.


La poesía de los 90 de Argentina, Perú y Chile / El Mercurio

Festival poético La Retaguardia: Generación del 90 / UDP

On the news

‘Rain of Poems’ artist checks out The November Project

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Poetas chilenos participan en bombardeo con más de 100 mil poemas en Londres / The Clinic

To touch a Nobel Laureate (The Himalayan Times)

Chilenos bombardean Londres / Cultura.gob

Subsecretario de Relaciones exteriores Fernando Schmidt presenta libro Bombardeo de Poemas sobre Berlín

Chilenos “bombardean” Londres con lluvia de poemas en actividades culturales previas a los JJOO / BioBio Chile

martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Today in The Guardian: London prepares for poetry bombing

Rain of Poems over London / bombardeo de poemas sobre Londres

Rain of Poems is planned to take place over London on Tuesday 26th June 2012 at 9pm. One hundred thousand poems printed on bookmarks by over 300 contemporary poets from 204 countries will fall from a helicopter over Jubilee Gardens during Poetry Parnassus as the sun sets.Poetry Parnassus is set to be one of the largest poetry festivals ever staged in the UK bringing together poets and spoken-word artists from all over the world.Rain of Poems, created by Casagrande, sees poems dropped over cities bombed during military confrontations in the past. The bookmarks are released at twilight and printed in two languages with texts written by both Chilean writers and
poets native to the location of the Rain of Poems. It has been held in Berlin, Germany (2010), Warsaw, Poland (2009), Guernica, Spain (2004), Dubrovnik, Croatia (2002), and Santiago, Chile (2001). London is the sixth city to host Rain of Poems. This performance creates an alternative image of the past and is a gesture of remembrance as well as being a metaphor for the survival of cities and people.--------------------------------To find out more information, images and details about this project:

Twitter: @casagrande_12


Date & Hours: 26th June 2012, 9pm, Jubilee Gardens, London-UK 

We would be very grateful if you would forward this email to anyone you think might be interested and apologies for any cross-posting.

Sponsor by Fundación Imagen de Chile-DIRAC (Dirección de Asuntos Culturales de la Cancillería, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes-Southbank Centre.Support by Chapman Freeborn-Radio Horizonte- Embassy of Chile in United Kingdom.Many thanks to British Transport Police-Civil Aviation Authority-Lambeth Safety Advisors Group-London Eye-Mayor's Office-Metropolitan Police-Network Rail-Port of London Authority-Shell-South Bank Employers Group.

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

How to find us

We are here:

  • twitter: @casagrande_2012
  • facebook:
and with Los Muebles:

martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Nuestro horizonte / Our horizon

Si nos echan de menos en Chile, escuchen Radio horizonte, 103.3. Estamos ahí todo el rato.

If you miss us in Chile, listen Radio horizonte, 103.3. We are there all the time.

Meeting with the pilot / Reunión con el piloto

Tomorrow 18:00 hrs, we meet Simon Armitage and the british poets to talk about the project.

Friday 10:00 hrs: we'll make a rehearsal with the pilot. Important. (We'll talk about the conditions of release, the position of the helicopter to the target and how to operate within the helicopter)

/ Mañana 18:00 hrs, nos juntamos con los poetas británicos para hablar del proyecto.

Viernes 10:00: ensayo con el piloto (hablaremos de las condiciones del lanzamiento, la posición del helicóptero respecto al blanco y la forma de operar dentro del helicóptero) Participants: Linsay (Southbank), Luna & Adrian (cameras), Cristobal, Julio (casagrande). And the pilot.

Thanks to Coni Gaggero

Casagrande is grateful to Coni Gaggero (and family) for the excellent work and design for the performance in London/

Casagrande agradece a Coni Gaggero (y familia) por el excelente trabajo y diseño para el bombardeo en Londres.

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Posters distribution

FlyersDistributionResponsable Notes
75002 runs: total and focusPrivate distributorSBC will adivice for best venues
1200Hand to hand Arts Head26th June: 1 run 13,00 hrs. ,  2 runs 18,00 hrs. 
1900SBC Racks & EventsSBCDuring June
1000Literarure VenuesSBC and CasagrandeHave to define those 10 venues
400FriendsCasagrande/Poets/othersRandom in London

500 posters went already to Arts Head. They told us to define around this area, and
we can suggest other venues, like colleges and galleries.